Choral Techniques Set of 5 DVDs

10 Choral 5 DVD Set
Choral Techniques and Methods  Set of 5 DVDs
by Donald Neuen, edited by Piero Bonamico.

This is a set of all the lessons in dealing with the choir which Donald Neuen imparts in his workshops and college classes. Included are:
Choral Techniques and Methods, DVD #1:”Energy, Beauty and Placement.”
Choral Techniques and Methods, DVD #2: “Individual Section Characteristics.”
Choral Techniques and Methods, DVD #3: “A Unified Approach to Vowel Formation.”
Choral Techniques and Methods, DVD #4: “The Power of Words.”
Choral Techniques and Methods, DVD #5: “Rhythmic Interest and Forward Motion.”
Running time 60 mins x 5  NTSC  No Region Code    2010
7 Word Power 6 Vowel Formation 8 Rhythmic Motion 5 Indvidual Sections 4 Energy Beauty

5 DVD  Set  60 mins each   ©2010   NTSC Region Free

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The accompanying book Empower the Choir is also available on this website. It’s written specifically for your singers. Based on these five videos, the information you most want chorus and choir members to know is presented in a clear and attractively-illustrated soft-cover format that fits easily into each singer’s music folder. A bonus section at the end gives pronunciation charts for the most-commonly-sung foreign languages, along with score-marking instructions and illustrated conducting beat patterns.


10 Choral 5 DVD Set

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