Conducting Vols 1 & 2 DVD Set

3 Conducting Set 1&2
Artistic Musical Conducting Volumes I and II Set,  2 DVD set
by Donald Neuen, edited by Piero Bonamico.

The entire art of conducting in one handy package!
Volume I: In this introduction, we approach conducting as a high art to be mastered like any musical instrument. The baton is treated as an instrument in itself. Detailed commentary is provided on different ways to hold the baton, as well as how to use it most effectively to communicate with your ensemble. Professor Neuen also discusses when to use just your hands, and how to use your body language to maximize effect. When you want to learn conducting from a master, this series is the essential resource.
Volume II: This volume continues the discussion with conducting beat patterns and styles, from the basics to more complex issues including fermatas, preparatory beats, and cueing. Any musician who is ready to step up to the podium has an invaluable aide in Donald Neuen’s examples and demonstrations. He will prepare you to stand in front of any ensemble, whether instrumental or choral, and feel confident that your conducting is clear, effective, and in the best possible service to the music.

2 DVD Set 60 mins ©2010  NTSC  Region Free

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3 Conducting Set 1&2

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